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What you are looking at now is a «micro blog». This one is created by me, Thomas Hansen that is. But try to imagine your business, restaurant, hotel, bar, etc having every Happy customer creating one blog like this, and sharing it with their friends. For the record, if you want to know what people say about me, you can use the blue arrow buttons in the top right corner, to browser back and forth between testimonials from others about me, and my qualities.

Thomas HansenMon, 4. Dec 2017

About me

My name is Thomas Hansen, and I am a software developer, entrepreneur, musician, and artist. I have a company in Cyprus, where I help businesses thrive and succeed in Social Media Marketing, among other things. You can find my company's website here.

Thomas Hansen

I have been a software developer since I was 8 years old, and I have started 5 different companies. Two in California/Silicon Valley on an E2 investor's visa, two in Norway, and my current in Cyprus. I play roughly 5 different instruments, and I once was a drummer in a band in California. I also hitchhiked through California, with my dog and my guitar as my only companion, sleeping outside for 6 months, making money playing my guitar - And I once travelled through the whole of Europe in a camping car, with my beautiful wife, for 4 months. I was born in Norway, but I look at myself as a citizen of the world, having lived in Cyprus, Brazil, America, and more ...

Maybe you think I am a narcissist for creating a website such as this - However, I am doing it in fact to showcase one of my products; 'The Harvester'. In fact, you can try the product here, and 'review' me at the same time. So by allowing others to review me, I arguably eat my own 'dog food'. So in addition to providing some information about me, this website also serves as a showcase for my product, which I have named 'The Harvester'. Below is an example of how to embed YouTube videos. The video below is a video I have made myself, where I play my Saxophone. The video features photos from some of my travels around the world :)

The Harvester can be customised to your own needs, and be made to look exactly like you want it to, embedding any type of additional marketing material you wish for it to contain. Feel free to toss me an email, if you want to know more about the Harvester, or hear about other things I might help you out with.

PS, one of the ideas for this product, is to use a QR code, leading to your own 'endorsement rater', and such allow for your guests, customers, clients, etc, to easily publicly endorse you, and help you promote your services and products. You can see an example of such a QR code below.

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